1972 USHER AUDIO TECHNOLOGY was established in Tai-Chung under the name "Ruey-Fong". The principal and founder, Mr. Tsai Lien-Shui, started the concern as a repair facility for high-end imported stereo products.
In the past 3 decades,Usher Audio has been developing quality and innovative audio products. Our factory is ISO9001 approved. We will continuously devote ourselves to building superior high end products to staisfy customer's request.

  • USHER Classical

    The USHER series of loudspeakers represents a radical departure from traditional speaker designs. Conceived in the quest of definitive musical realism and original styling, each speaker is both a precision instrument as well as a work of art.

  • Power Amplifier

    The power amplifier's main function in today's high end sound systems is to boost the incoming musical signals in order to generate larger copies that are powerful enough to drive and control the loudspeakers.

  • Accessories

    Long won the favor of the world's multinational brands, is also one of the preferred foundry, With efficiencies of production and a carefully monitored finished product, you will experience musicality take to another level, our goal is to satisfy you in every regard.

  • Drivers

    We provide true turnkey solutions for your high end driver and speaker needs, at truly modest prices. (Drivers size from "1 up to 18" as you need.OEM/ODM welcome.)

  • Download

    The company provides a detailed description of the merchandise DM, domestic and foreign magazines published articles, news stories and information on the winning message. Are available for users to download and distributors.

  • Global Locations

    Establish a deep interaction with consumers, let agents and distributors can identify more, through brand knowledge exchange ideas so that agents and distributors for the brand identify with, and produce and Yase brand deeper relationship.

Grand Tower
X Tower
2009 HI-FI WORLD/S-520
154期 聲韻春秋雜誌/CP-8571
2012 HI-FI WORLD/mini-one
2012 HI-FI WORLD/mini-two
2006 Sensible Sound
2005 HI-FI WORLD/R-1.5

Sound purchase points

居家音響要出好聲音,除了選對喇叭和擴大器之外,聆聽空間的調配具有相當程度的影響力,而且這影響力遠遠超出您花費萬把塊買來的喇叭線、訊號線、電源處理 etc. 等。 - 阿水
雅瑟視聽室從來不用昂貴的線材、配件來呼攏客戶的聽覺。但我們比任何音響店更重視空間的處理,為的是讓您能真真實實聽出雅瑟產品的特性。 - Kevin
建議前往門市試聽的朋友,能大概先瞭解一下家中聆聽空間的格局(寬度、深度、電視櫃尺寸 etc. ) 或帶上家中照片。門市的業務會依照您現有(或裝潢中)的空間做最完善的系統搭配,並建議您在裝潢上該注意的地方。 - Tommy

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